Wedding Podcast

Episode 1 – Weddings

This is my first episode of the podcast. This isn’t a wedding podcast specifically, but weddings sure are full of chances for bad behavior, aren’t they?

I go over Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s fake wedding and how they could have done better to pretend that it was real. Then I go over wedding traditions, how to not be an awful bride and some real-life wedding horror stories. These stories are really top-shelf wedding podcast horror stories, but remember, we’re not a wedding podcast specifically. We like lots of topics!

If you need advice, instead of saying “I Should Have Asked You First” you can just ask us right now. Click here.

P.S. If you happen to get stuck in a horror situation, perhaps as a bridesmaid to a pretty pretty princess bride – don’t worry! I got you, boo. Just hit play on this playlist, put in your earbuds and smile and nod.

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