Episode 2 – Leeches

This isn’t what I usually do. When I write, I like to keep it fun and clever. But I was angry, and sometimes things need to be said. Also, there are newly discovered leeches. Yuck.

This episode was difficult. I’ve felt blocked for the last few days, and I realized that I needed to say what I thought about the Trump administration. So, that’s out there now.

So, if you have any fun or interesting questions for an upcoming episode, I would appreciate it. Shoot me an email.

I really don’t want to have to talk about Trump ever again. Yuck. Except, I probably will. I don’t have the privilege of not having to pay attention to the news.

If, like me, sometimes you don’t know what to do with your feelings – and seeing children in cages and humans treated like a commodity horrifies and enrages you – Raices is a great organization. Check them out, and if you can donate, that would be great.

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