What Your Wedding Hashtag Says About You

We’re most certainly not anti-wedding. Weddings can be fun! Weddings are great! Just don’t be icky. 😉 Choosing a Wedding Hashtag can be a fraught endeavor. Tread carefully. Here’s what these weddings hashtags really mean…


    Your fiance is a finance bro who refers to your wedding unironically as a “merger.”


    Your fiance is sleeping with the best man.


     You got engaged on the Jumbotron.


    You got engaged at the Renaissance Faire where you both work.


You’ve been dating for 9 years, and you’ve been hinting for a ring since your 3-month anniversary. 


You made your bridesmaids buy cowboy boots to wear with their strapless dresses.


You had 10 bridesmaids carefully chosen from your sorority to look good but not outshine you.


You screamed at your wedding planner about napkin colors until she cried.


You screamed at your mother about napkin colors until she cried.


You slept with the best man in the ladies room before the ceremony.


You’re already sure this is just your starter marriage.


So. Much. Burlap.


You’re just getting married to boost your Insta followers.


You follow 87 different wedding Pinterest boards.


You’re moving in next door to your in-laws right after the wedding. 

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