This dude should have asked me first.

Episode 3- Men, You Should Have Asked Me First.

Men, you didn’t ask, but you should have. On so many levels.

With a little help from Jenna Marbles and Julia Sugarbaker, Heather advises men on what they should know in this episode of the podcast. This is probably part 1 of a billion because let’s be honest…

…sometimes they just don’t get it. That’s not to say that women always get it, either. But when women don’t get it, men don’t fear for their lives. This is serious stuff. How to ask a woman out without being creepy. How to respect the fact that women have to make contingency plans for what happens when they go to their car at night and something happens.

But there is hope, friends! Heather also explains how men can help improve the situation. Are you itching to say “Not All Men”? Sure…Show it, don’t type it.

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