Red Pants

Today, for the first time, I wore red pants. Not just red pants, but red with black and blue stripes in a plaid pattern.

But mostly red.

As a rule, I wear black pants. Every day. I don’t even wear jeans.

My black pants are a uniform. I wear black pants so I don’t need to think about it.

They say they black is slimming, and slimming is good. I wouldn’t be described as slim, so what does that say about me?

Black fades into the background. I’m comfortable there.

Black is better camouflage than camouflage.

Maybe if I wear black pants I won’t look like I take up so much space.

And yet, I take up the space I take up.

My space is mine.

My space belongs to me.

People are going to look anyway.

Why not wear pants I like?

Today I wore red pants.

I think I’ll wear them more often.

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